Setting up oracles-disasm

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The disassembly uses WLA-DX as its assembler. Follow this guide to set up oracles-disasm into a compileable state.


On Windows, it's recommended to follow the setup instructions for LynnaLab, which also downloads the disassembly and the necessary dependencies.

After the instructions are completed, you'll have an MSYS2 installation with oracles-disasm in the home folder (C:\msys64\home\<username>\oracles-disasm). You can then open an MSYS2 terminal (choose the UCRT64 variant) and run the following commands to compile it (this is equivalent to what LynnaLab does):

cd oracles-disasm

To build a specific game, run make ages or make seasons.


Ensure the following prerequisites are installed:

  • make
  • git
  • python3
  • python3-yaml
  • cmake, gcc (for compiling wla-dx)

This script from LynnaLab is actually used on Windows for the MSYS2 setup, but it can also be used for Linux setup. Simply run the script to download and compile wla-dx, and download oracles-disasm:


Do note that this script checks out the hack-base branch. If you don't want that, run git checkout master for a clean build with no changes from the game.

You may wish to change the SETUP_DIR variable at the start of the script to clone the repositories to somewhere other than your home directory.

The script will probably fail to copy the wla-dx binaries to /usr/local/bin due to lack of permissions, so do this manually. Also ensure that /usr/local/bin/ is in your PATH:

sudo cp wla-dx/build/binaries/wla-gb wla-dx/build/binaries/wlalink /usr/local/bin/
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin

Now you should be able to cd into the oracles-disasm directory and build it with the make command.