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Luigi animation.gif
CountryCanada (EST)
AliasesLuigi1000, Luigi2014
Years Active6
Known ForRandom info
Hack(s)Oracle of Hours

Luigi is an older member from the first generation of oracles hackers alongside Lin, Fatories and Jigglysaint. He has vast experience with ZOLE and all of its tools as well as a few handy tricks when it comes to hex changes by hand.


Luigi first got came into contact with the ROM hacking community in 2007 with his introduction of SMW hacking and the people at Super Mario World Central. After starting and eventually abandoning a hack for various he eventually came across the oracles hacking community through the old forum in 2011. After spending a week or so on the forum and IRC he started a hack called Oracle of Hours. He has been working on it on and off since then but due to a breakthrough in the community major progress has been made. Since then he can be found in either the #zole IRC channel on or in the discord channel for the community also.


Oracle of Hours

Oracle of Hours is a fan made hack made by Luigi which started back in 2011 and continues to be worked on to this day. It is currently playable up to the end of Level 4 but lacks any full implementation of story or guiding elements which requires players to read the included readme.txt file to answer some questions related on how to start off and make progress at the start of the game.