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Author(s)Lin, Xyspade, Drenn, Your Local Cultist
Latest Version4.6.01

ZOLE 4, usually called just "ZOLE", is an editor for Oracle of Ages and Seasons. It is no longer actively maintained, and it is recommended to make projects using the disassembly and LynnaLab.


ZOLE 4 version 1.26 was the last version released by the original creator, Lin.

ZOLE 4.5 is mainly a UI improvement by Xyspade which provides built-in lists for enemy and chest IDs, among other things.

ZOLE 4.6.xx is part of a series of bugfix updates by Stewmat, which most notably fixes graphical corruption bugs and crashes. (These releases were formerly called ZOLE 4.5 update 1/2/3 before being renamed to ZOLE 4.6.)

Rom patches

When ZOLE first opens a ROM, it will apply several patches to make editing easier.


  • Decompressed graphics for each tileset are stored starting at 0x181000. Each tileset uses 0x1000 bytes.
  • Decompressed tilemaps for each tileset are stored in 2048 byte chunks starting at 0x201000. Each 16x16 tile consists of 8 bytes: 4 byte for the tiles which make up the 8x8 segments, and 4 bytes for the corresponding flags which control palettes, flipping, etc.
  • Decompressed room layouts are stored in chunks starting at 0x104000. It stores the data by room with 1 byte for every tile which are organized by rows starting from the top left.

Bundled Applications

ZOLE is distributed with 3 accompanying programs, these being: