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Due to a flaw in the way the Oracle games process secrets, there is a particular set of secrets that work on all files.


Upon completing either Ages or Seasons for the first time, a 2-byte "game ID" is assigned to the file. This game ID is encoded into all secrets going forward, and files created with such secrets will share the same game ID. This system was put in place to prevent one player's secrets from working for another player.

However, when a secret is encoded with game ID 0, the resulting secret works on all files, regardless of that file's game ID. It is normally impossible to generate such a secret since a value of "0" indicates that the game ID is unassigned, and the game will attempt to create a valid ID before proceeding. However, using a secret generator to create a secret with ID 0 results in a universally valid secret.

Ring secret


This secret provides all rings and works on any file in Ages or Seasons, except for uncompleted games on the first playthrough.

M/%♣) B~&JS

This secret provides only the exclusive GBA rings (useful if playing on 3ds).

M/%HJ @bS9&


All rings:

0ね6ぞと 052そが

GBA rings only:

0ね69て 4のんれか

Linked ages secrets


Event Secret
(for Seasons)
Return secret
(for Ages)
Clock shop !&hm- 5Y3)6
Graveyard -→5@j @♣♦←7
Subrosian !&h:● 5Y35↑
Diver -→5↑Y @♣♦83
Smith !&h*■ 5Y3(8
Pirate -→5←T @♣♦@5
Temple !&hnY 5Y33←
Deku -→58● @♣♦↑)
Biggoron !&h$+ 5Y325
Ruul -→5→h @♣♦↓8


Event Secret
(for Seasons)
Return secret
(for Ages)
Clock shop すかぺそな あおよめけ
Graveyard わはもも8 45す4な
Subrosian すかぺせ7 あおよ7に
Diver わはも6ぴ 45すど7
Smith すかぺに5 あおよぷそ
Pirate わはもりど 45すが5
Temple すかぺ2ぷ あおよ5せ
Deku わはもを4 45すぴぷ
Biggoron すかぺぺと あおよりつ
Ruul わはもぷご 45すぼと

Linked seasons secrets


Event Secret
(for Ages)
Return secret
(for Seasons)
King Zora G/%H♣ qs↑=:
Fairy ♣@b+↓ y▲←(Q
Troy G/%BM qs↑4r
Plen ♣@bf( y▲←3F
Library G/%LJ qs↑2t
Tokay ♣@bb) y▲←)B
Mamamu G/%FD qs↑6%
Tingle ♣@bh5 y▲←5H
Elder G/%J♦ qs↑(~
Symmetry ♣@b-← y▲←=R


Event Secret
(for Ages)
Return secret
(for Seasons)
King Zora しね69わ なぴりわや
Fairy せ4の9ん りふ7せゆ
Troy しね6だほ なぴりさす
Plen せ4のだだ りふ7そめ
Library しね6むて なぴりきみ
Tokay せ4のむぼ りふ72ぷ
Mamamu しね6ぼう なぴり3お
Tingle せ4のぼむ りふ7に5
Elder しね6ぴや なぴりやわ
Symmetry せ4のぴあ りふ7いよ

Version differences with secrets

Although the European versions have exactly the same secret algorithm as the US versions, they have additional checks to prevent corrupted secrets from being entered:

  • The animal companion variable is checked to be a valid value.
  • The player's and child's names are checked to make sure that there are no invalid characters (although the name can still be blank).

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